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Friday, December 8th, 2006
8:06 pm
I've got conditional offers back from all the Unis I've applied to, I feel really good about it, I sort of want to go next year but there's going to be the Dead To Sin year, I'll be so upset when we finish if it's too practical to carry on. We got 3 gig offers on Wednesday, how cool was that.

Tenacious D and Iron Maiden AND my brother's school play next week, how cool.

And Chrissy Pritchard's do in a bit, Danny will be there too! Yrs 7-9 bliss.
Saturday, November 25th, 2006
11:38 pm
I'm writing an entry, so you know I've had a good weekend!

School on Friday, there was well a fuckin buzz about the place, that sounds well gay hahah. But yeh in Mechanics Paul and Matt discovered the ultimate insult: bozon, apaz some uni Physics thing :/

Skived the afternoon, went to work 2 hours early so I'm minted next week (H), we gave John and Sam a lift down to mine and then Jim and Rich picked us up.

Got to the quaint Yorkshire(bleeuurggh!!!!) market town of Sedbergh and went up 3 wrong roads to get there, but when we did it was amazing, it was sooo big and sooo posh! I wanted to get loads of photos but me batteries had died, the bastards. Over the night had about 10 snakebites and a fair few raves, most of the night is an absolute blur tho! Sure sign of a good party. Great feeling there, like everyone's there kinda thing.

Cath degreaded herself to shagging Chris[ know yr reading this :P] in our room so we went back upstairs and had a brew or 3, then rested our sleepy heads.

Got woke up about half 7 by Ella coming in and giving us all dry toast which wa' nice, started off the hunger train =]

Went upstairs and had 7 more brews, 2 bacon sandwiches, a sausage sandwich, bacon and eggs and later on pasta =]]

Dave's car got absolutely ruined by drunkdriving, Alex drove Chris and Cath back to Preston still drunk, and Jack looked absolutely scattilly nobbed.

After a bit we got the Shameless box set out and watched 5 episodes on and off lol, then someone went to Rob's and got his TV and we played Fifa 07, sooo good.

Pretty much went home after that, DTS road trip! High five!

Went to see The Pick of Destiny tonight, was absolutely mint. We'd had the soundtrack for a week so we knew the plot and they might as well have played the CD, lol. Loads of people didn't know it tho which was a bit annoying but not in that bad a way. The songs sounded well better in the cinema and well going to see it again.


Aye, brilliant.

Going to watch Man Utd v Chelsea at Jim's tomorrow, oooooo bloody hell =]

Ta ra
Thursday, October 26th, 2006
10:20 am
I'm becoming well more 80s, with my 99p denim jacket. When it arrives HA. Just you wait till I get my thrash patches on it =]


We've got shiiit loads of gigs in the pipeline and I love it, tour plans are well gonna have to be changed to like small towns like Lincoln and Scunthorpe lol.

I'm proper loving the 2 Stampin Ground albums in one I got today, I can really feel the passion in them for the first time in a hardcore band, when I listen to others I just appreciate the music but I feel like I can relate to them. Without sounding like too much of a twat. Shame they're splitting up, at least I got to see em tho.

The Death Routh = teh rockage.
Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
11:03 pm
The best week of my life starting in 2 days!

Go down to Bazes and stop the night

Go down to Derby, get drunk with the East Coast rivals and see Primal Fear

More drinking/Fifa playing, Onslaught and Deadfall back to back *drool*

Alton motherfucking towers! Never been yet and cos Baz is registered blind, we get disabled discount(£14.50 instead of £23) and skip the queues =]

Thrash at the Co Op for 6 hours, first 3 tracks off the album.

Lay down vocals and piss about with our music!

Then the Saturday afterwards we have 2 gigs in a day!

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
11:35 pm
I sometimes feel that I should update this more often. I've done fuck all interested recently, my summer has been a pile of wank and my internet at home has collapsed on me.

We aren't on NBOBM anymore, we're on Corrupted. Hope to start recording asap, if dates can be booked and all that bollocks. Using the studio The Guilty Pleasures did for their first CD which is really good quality, and hopefully getting it mastered as well =]. Probably releasing a split with some other band sometime, depends when decisions get made and all that bollocks, which they'd get their arses into gear.

Speaking of which, if Sam gets designs to Jim tomorrow we'll have shirts on Friday, the designs are pure mint, yay =]

School on Tuesday, hopefully I'll be allowed to carry on English, if not it's no biggie if I have to do another AS, otherwise it is. I should really have spoken to Davey L on results day :/

Jimbob passed his driving test so it's lifts all round =]

I'm sick of this fucking summer, and moving to Hest Bank. It sucks balls.

HOWEVER a dot on the horizon is Bloodstock on 29th/30th, how good. Party time all round and a small chance of innage, weeelll you never know.

Cba anymore.

Sunday, August 20th, 2006
8:30 pm
English = C

Business Studies = C

Maths = C

Economics = E

General Studies = couldn't be fucked to work it out

I'm a proper shit student, man
Monday, July 10th, 2006
1:06 pm
I'm getting reet twatty about BOA being so far away

3 days of school then we road trip, I can't wait cos I know it'll be sosososososo amazing, even better than last year, I think I might explode.

I have 4 lessons left this year, what an absolute farce.
Monday, May 15th, 2006
8:22 pm
Had my English AS exam today, and we predicted both of the questions on Friday =) If I was doing it next year I'd be well happy

Maths is getting a bit easier to do, I well well well need to get an A for university tho, need to woooork man.

Party was brill, got th scars to prove it(I didn't slice my wrists with a razor tho hahah)

Next party planning is fun too, jus need to find th date

I'm well happy =D
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
4:26 pm
Image hosting by Photobucket
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
9:11 pm
Photo entry
LJ cuts can suck my balls

Image hosting by Photobucket

The myspace pose

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sam on the train to Bolton

Image hosting by Photobucket

Jim and Richie on the train

Image hosting by Photobucket

Headless Crooosss!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

In The Mill

Image hosting by Photobucket

Spacky bastard in chaz's bed...oh and I'm on the pic too ;)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Monday, March 6th, 2006
11:12 pm
My batteries on my camera ran out before I could put the pictures of the Bolton gig up, so expect a photo entry of that plus random stuff of this weekend up tomorrow
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
12:03 am
The Yorkie would so be the best place in the world, if it wasn't for that short cunt Ali

She fucking said we're too young to play

I'm getting proper into crossover thrash at the minute, stuff like Nuclear Assault and Municipal Waste, proper getting back into Megadeth as well. I'm finding myself writing crossovery riffs with a bit more metal which is fuckin good, can't wait till we next play.
Monday, February 27th, 2006
4:59 pm
My life is so good =)
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
6:56 pm

Watch that and then tell me you like Trivium
Friday, February 17th, 2006
9:31 am
Live4Live fest was ace

Bolton was even better

Chazes mum found out

We are playing with Enter Shikari

No one associated with this gig reads this so I can put what I think

ENTER CUNTING SHIKARI AND DEAD TO MOTHER FUCKING SIN???? ARE YOU MAD MR. PROMOTER??? Also on is this band from Manchester managed by Toyan who runs Ghostfest, already making them poo, but then they say 'we combine the technicality of Swedish metal with the brutality of modern hardcore', so I think hmmm this must just be another stupid wannabe metalcore band that shits on the legend of At The Gates, but they are just fucking SHIT! There is no other word to describe them! Search for Camorra on myspace music and you will know what I mean. They don't even sound anything like those bands they are just....SHIT


Oh well it's a gig ;)
Monday, January 9th, 2006
4:55 pm
This weekend has been well good.

On Friday I got home from work and Emma asked me if I wanted to go to The Mill, but I said I couldn't cus I had to go to my dad's, rang him up to make sure and he said he was going out, so I was like yeah why not I'll come, so I quickly got changed and got on the train, went to t'bus station and met Emma, then we went back to the train station to meet Gerner, Chaz and Tamsin. Walked to The Mill which was actually not too far away, they well pestered me to get some coke for them to put in their vodka which I did but they left well too much vodka in so I didn't have any. Went inside and went to the back room, walked in and saw Megan who I haven't seen for ages! Got bought a pint of cider by someone who I later found out well worships Kurt Cobain which is pretty stupid if you know the story behind it, I well can't be arsed putting it on here, then we were sat around pissing about cus I'm such a lightweight, then Chaz started to kiss me so I kissed her back, it felt really good and just yeah =). Went to get the train back after absolutely aages, and found out that Tamsin's phone was lost so Emma Tamsin and Gerner went back inside to look for it and we just stayed outside =). Got the last train back to Chorley where there were loads of people on, and me Gerner and Emma got picked up by her grandad, was pretty crap having to leave Chaz but I said I'd pay her and Emma and Tamsin in the next day, went back to Emma's and watched a Chucky film but got well tired so we switched it off half way through at about half one. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and being able to get back to sleep which was well crap. Got up, got a lift into Chorley where I had to go to McDonalds for breakfast, then Chaz came in and we spent a few hours together, got a train back to Lancaster and found out that cus Jim left a message on my home phone and I ran out of battery, my parents and band were all lookin for me which was annoying. Went for a shower then to Richie's for a bit of a practice, then we got the bus and walked to The Mill and were a lil bit early, Cath rang up and got well pissed off cus she hadn't seen us on the way, but she turned up which was cool. Soundchecked then went to get a Chinese where I was releived to be given a fork, went back to The Mill and ate it, and Black Jack went to Spar and bought me and Richie some cider. I went outside and only Chaz and Emma turned up, Tamsin was pretending to be ill so she could have sex with her boyfriend. Went in and after bout 10 mins we played, my monitors were absolutely shite, far too quiet and I got pissed off at how sloppy we were in places. Anyway, the others though it was alright. The Hyste played and I didn't go and watch cus they're shit, watched a bit of The Scamps just before we went outside, Emma and Sam went to spar to get him some fags and me and Chaz just stayed on the grassy park-y bit drinking. I saw Jack and Jeet leave out the back way so I ran in to get my stuff, everything had gone lol but I stole some gaffa tape =). Went to the train station and Emma stopped us from getting the last train back so we had to get a taxi to Chorley, Emma gave me a tenner when we got to hers, the me and Chaz went to hers which made me pay a fiver more, so I was like get in! And I did later on ;). Won't bother with anything till like 12 the next day cus no one wants to know. Walked into Chorley and we got the train into Preston, Chaz got one back straight away almost cus mine came just after we got in. Went back home blah blah blah
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
4:04 pm
Friday was good. Good good.

New year's was pretty good, spoke to Louy as the year changed =)

Sunday was pretty crap

Monday was pretty good

Today has been alright

I'm going to update in more detail in a few hours
Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
2:48 am
If they changed the words to the chorus and put it out as a real song, the Power Rangers theme tune would no doubt be my favourite song. *Taps, windmills and shreds*
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
8:56 pm
My year
Wow. I just read my past 25 entries(which stretch back to April) and I realised how much I've changed! Anyhoo here is all about my year if I can remember haha


Met Baz, played the Yorkie for the first time, saw Panic Cell there who were really good, started putting stickers on my guitar haha


The only thing I can remember from this month is going on a journey with Brockbank to the Retro Bar to see TSF, last time I saw them :O!


My party. Shit times this month with all the house issues and such, and stuff like delusion and crap


Errrrm first contacted Allerjen? hahaha...played Our Ladys at the end of the month which sucked


Played with Deceiver, really good gig, Tom quit days before CCC :@...went to see Avenged Sevenfold and met loads of people there(not for the first time, reconciliation-type met), started GCSEs which went pretty well


More GCSEs, Bloodstock Open Air which seriously ruled like a bitch, discoveration of Evergrey, Masterplan, Edguy(I saw a FWK video at Odey's the night before I went to Newcastle in 04 haha), Richard asking to join the band at the end of the month


Spain with just my dad, was a really good holiday and saw loads of ace comedians and Chinese lunches for 4 euros! Writing shit loads of songs, being happy with Richard in the band, failing at the Yorkie hahaha


Portugal which sucked balls, went to the house I grew up in though which was cool cus I recognised the swimming pool from my earliest memory :) Birthday adventures to Bolton with Cath to 'see Mendeed' haha


Started sixth form, went to the Yorkie a load more, started talking to Louy :)


Gigs in Birkenhead, Our Ladys again, Yorkie AGAIN, they were all alright but Our Ladys was the shit. Recorded the EP with Davey B


Finally met Louy haha, was amazing


Went to see Chimaira again again again, gave our CD to Jimmy LaMarca, bought a Bloodstock supporter's pack...£120 for 2 weekends and a T shirt for each weekend :)

What a shit year haha. I haven't even kissed anyone for longer than a second boo bloody hoo
Sunday, December 4th, 2005
8:23 pm
Chimaira/Dark Tranquility/Hatesphere
£79.99 spent in one night. You may laugh, but I have one thing to say: FUCK YOU.

Skived off last lesson and went home to get changed, then went to work for a bit and left early, ran to the train station but I missed the direct to Manchester by 4 minutes. Got one to change at Preston and I had to sprint over to the other side of the station to get the one to Buxton. Got to the Academy and after a bit of buggery got a ticket, so I decided to go to McDonalds for some tea, cus it was the most likely food place Jim LaMarca would be. Guess who I saw in the queue just as I was about to leave. He kept asking if I was with people in there and I just told him I was on my own, which was followed by his usual indifference. I gave him a CD which he probably hasn't listened to but its worth a try. Got into the queue which was actually moving at this point. Went straight upstairs to see Hatesphere just as they were starting, reminded me of God Forbid in June 2004 :). They were really good, stayed fairly near the front for first half of Dark Tranquility who were pretty boring, so I went downstairs to talk to the singer and a guitarist from Hatesphere, taught them English phrases like 'bloody hell', 'safe' and 'mental'. Bought a Chimaira hoody and went upstairs to see em, they were really good except Kevin "I'm a cunty drummer who is in Chimaira because I was in Slayer for 2 days" Talley slowed everything down, and everyone was moshing in the slower bits which pissed me off. They've exended the live ending of Impossibility of Reason which sounds cool and amused me a bit. Mark said his family roots came from Manchester so this was almost like a hometown show, so they played Bloodlust which they hadn't played in the UK before(that's really something, considering they've played 3 shows since the new album was released). And before The Dehumanizing Process, everyone wanted the wall of death even though they don't do it anymore, so during the intro to it which is where they usually do it, everyone split which would have been pretty cool, EXCEPT A FEW IGNORANT FUCKWITS DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON AND DECIDED TO DANCE IN THE VOID BETWEEN THE WALLS. FUCKING CUNTS!!! Anyway I got winded in that pit which sucked a bit, but I went to the back of the pit and enjoyed the music which was nice. Set:

Nothing Remains
Save Ourselves
Power Trip
The Impossibility of Reason
Let Go
The Dehumanizing Process
Pure Hatred

Went downstairs and got the new Hatesphere album which kicks ass, but is still at my dads so I can't listen to it :( but yeah, overall a fuckin great night.
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